2014 Singles Matchplay – Winner Barry McArdle – Runner Up Mark McKeown

The Phil Carolan Perpetual Cup Singles Matchplay 2014

Play By 30th June

Anthony Corcoran (18)


Tom McDermott (23)              

Greg Madden (19)


Seamus Sexton (25)                                                                                           

Darren Campbell (20)


Matthew Gilsenan (20)                                                    

Mark McKeown (18)


Tom O’Rourke (26)                                                                                                        

Ken Campbell (26)


Margaret Carroll (12)                

Barry McArdle (15)


Liam kenny (24)                                                                                 

Paddy Roddy (32)


Agnes Clarke (27)           

Gerry Clarke (32)


Noel Sherlock (25)


  1. Each team will be contacted to arrange match and play before designated date.
  2. Match venue to be agreed between both parties, otherwise match to be played in Cabra Castle G.C.
  3. In a case where no attempt is made to play the match by one/both teams before the designated date, then the competition committee will make a final decision on the outcome of forfeiting the match.
  4. If a player cannot play his game for reasons beyond his control, then his partner may opt to get a sub to replace him, prior to the first match in agreement with the competition committee.
  5. Entry to the competition of €10 per player to be paid before a ball is hit.
  6. Handicaps given at start of first match to be used throughout the competition.
  7. Lowest handicapper goes back to zero and everyone else is ¾ of the difference. Eg lowest handicapper of 10 goes to zero and a handicapper of 18 goes to 6 – the difference is 8 and ¾ of that is 6.

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